Enforce screen break automatically every hour

Willow: 02 February 2022

I am using Ubunte Mate 16.04. I would like to know if it is possible to lock the screen every hour automatically? I does not matter if the computer is idle or not. After working for an hour a screen break for at least 5 minutes should be enforced by locking the screen. After 5 minutes have elapsed the work may be continued.

Beau: 02 February 2022

The wikipedia page ( on rsi software gives some links to Linux tools. pokoy ( seems to fit your requirements, with a configuration file ( of options like

enable_skip <true/false>:
 If set to true, user can press 's' to skip break.
enable_postpone <true/false>:
 If set to true, user can press 'p' to postpone break.
break <time_between_breaks> <break_duration> <postpone_time>:

You need to compile it, so may need to install libxcb-devel.