Connecting NAS to raspberry Pi via proxy-arp

Eleanor: 02 February 2022

This might be a stupid question, but I just wanted to make sure I don't invest time into something that doesn't solve my problem eventually:

My home network contains a router/WiFi access point, a NAS that holds some media and serves as a backup device and cloud server, and a raspberry Pi that is used as a media player using kodi. The Pi connects to the router via WiFi.

Ideally, I would be able to stream files from the NAS on the Pi, however, if I connect the NAS to the router via Ethernet, the WiFi speed is insufficient to stream high resolution media on the pi.

My idea was now to use a proxy-arp configuration on my Pi to connect the NAS via Ethernet directly to the Pi.

Would this...

  • ...improve streaming speed due to the fact that the two devices are now connected directly and via cable? Or would the data still have to pass through the router (and hence the slow WiFi), as this remains the dns server?
  • ...still allow other network devices to access the NAS as if it was directly connected to the router?

Avery: 02 February 2022

Short answer: yes, it works just as intended. I followed this guide: