Permission to second hard drive? Denied!

Micah: 01 February 2022

On a PC running windows, I installed a second hard drive.

Since then I have removed windows and installed elementary OS.

When I go into the file manager hard drive 1, with the OS on, is recognised and all is well. When I try to open hard drive 2, I receive the message 'permission denied'

How do I unlock the access to my second drive?

Aaliyah: 01 February 2022

you will need to mount the drive, elementary os does not auto mount drives like windows.

to mount the drive try

sudo mount -o ro /dev/sdb(assumptive it's sdb) /home/[YOUR USER]/desktop 

this will mount it to your desktop folder that in elementary seems to be empty 90% of the time

then cd ~/desktop & ls

this should work assuming this drive is in good health and not damaged in any way