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Can Windows Phone 8 receive real-time 3rd party messages in the background?

I have 3rd party messaging apps Line and Whatsapp pinned to my start screen and I quite often find myself getting large delays in receiving message updates. I am not sure if this is a limitation of the OS or a bug in the application--I know WP7 has limitations. Can ....

Alice Alice: 01 February 2022

Windows Phone

Extra Notification from my Windows Phone

On my Windows 10 desktop, I have notifications set to on from my Windows Phone via Cortana so that I can get battery low and related notifications when I have it near my computer. I also have notifications set to on for Facebook and Twitter. But when my Windows Phone ....

Daniel Daniel: 01 February 2022

Windows Phone

How to activate speech recognition?

Is/will the speech recognition be available on Windows Phone 8? And by speech recognition I mean converting speech to text eg. email/sms/message on any messaging app. Or maybe I missed it somehow? ....

Eliana Eliana: 01 February 2022

Windows Phone

What keyboard shortcuts can I use when typing on WP7?

Other phones (i.e. Iphone and Android phones) have keyboard shortcuts that enable you to type faster, and provide shortcuts to commonly used items. I know of a few that Windows Phone has, but I was wondering if there is a site that has them listed in full so I can ....

Ezekiel Ezekiel: 01 February 2022

Windows Phone

Lumia 530 (Denim) don't turn off WiFi when screen goes to standby

I've run into some strange behaviour. I connected my new Lumia 530 to Whatsapp Web so that I can chat on WhatsApp from my computer. However, every time the phone goes in standby, connection is lost - so I presume the internet connection shuts down on standby. I've read on ....

Layla Layla: 31 January 2022

Windows Phone

Channel bonding on Lumia 1020

How do I setup channel bonding for my Lumia 1020 with Linksys E1000 router? For the router WiFi setting, I already set its channel width to Auto (20/40hz), but still getting 20Mbps instead of 50Mbps on desktop with Ethernet cable. ....

Kai Kai: 31 January 2022

Windows Phone

Does whatsapp download messages in background or when app is opened

As far as I know, Windows Phone Doesn't notify you when it uses data. How can I tell if Whatsapp downloads messages in background or only when app is opened? If it is doing in background than how it is achieving it P.S i am using Wp8.1 Dev preview with ....

Jace Jace: 31 January 2022

Windows Phone

Can't login to the microsoft account

So I can't login to any microsoft account in windows phone 8.1 plus facebook, twitter, gmail(on outlook) say having trouble getting data. Internet works fine on internet explorer and I can login to my live account on the browser. my phone is lumia 520. ....

Hudson Hudson: 31 January 2022

Windows Phone

Change the screen capture key combination?

In 8.0 it was win+power key combination, and I liked it this way. Now it is volume+power key which is annoying(depends on person to person). How can I change it? Thanks a lot in advance. ....

Thomas Thomas: 31 January 2022

Windows Phone

My skype doesn't login on my Lumia 535.

I am using skype over my phone Lumia 535, I logged out one day, And then it doesn't Login again It gives this error which says "Oops, Please check your network settings and try again". now i have checked all the setting and other applications are running very much perfectly ....

Muhammad Muhammad: 30 January 2022