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How many IPv4 addresses are used for dynamic assignment through ISPs?

From the IPv4 addresses, we have the private addresses (10.x, 172.x, 192.x), localhost addresses (127.x), self-assigned (169.x) multicast and broadcast addresses. From the remaining, I guess a lot of addresses are assigned to large companies, use for web servers etc. How many IPv4 addresses (roughly) are used for dynamic assignment ....

Emilia Emilia: 02 February 2022


Mount Outlook Shared Folders In Explorer?

My workplace uses Shared Folders in Outlook to share documents, and I would like to view or mount them in Windows Explorer instead of having to view them through Outlook 2010. They have an Exchange 2010 server. Is this possible? I will provide more details if needed. ....

Henry Henry: 02 February 2022


Internet Explorer showing PPT

How to make IE11 to show PPT files in browser? I've configured IE to run ActiveX, and installed ActiveX component as suggested here (, however still no luck. ....

Kai Kai: 02 February 2022


Remove Firefox Mailto Protocol Test Handlers

I've been testing adding my own mailto: protocol handlers as tests for my webmail. Unfortunately I'm not sure how to remove the test protocol handlers. This is explicitly not the same thing as disabling the handler, I simply want to remove the tests handlers. I have looked in about:config in ....

Claire Claire: 02 February 2022


Enforce screen break automatically every hour

I am using Ubunte Mate 16.04. I would like to know if it is possible to lock the screen every hour automatically? I does not matter if the computer is idle or not. After working for an hour a screen break for at least 5 minutes should be enforced by ....

Beau Beau: 02 February 2022


Mass deployment of WIndows 7

I work in an office as "kind of" an IT person. I have lots of hardware/software experience, but not in any enterprise capacity. There are 140 computers total, and they want me to update all of them to Windows 7 (currently on Windows XP). They are all networked. I have ....

Paisley Paisley: 02 February 2022


Why is Thunderbolt 3 a rarity on desktop computers?

Most recent higher-end laptops seems to have a Thunderbolt 3 connection. However, this does not seem to be case for recent motherboards or graphics cards for desktop computers. I know that one application of Thunderbolt 3 is connecting external GPUs, which is a laptop-specific need. However, Thunderbolt 3 has other ....

Anthony Anthony: 02 February 2022


Connecting NAS to raspberry Pi via proxy-arp

This might be a stupid question, but I just wanted to make sure I don't invest time into something that doesn't solve my problem eventually: My home network contains a router/WiFi access point, a NAS that holds some media and serves as a backup device and cloud server, and a ....

Avery Avery: 02 February 2022


How is incoming and outgoing traffic handled by a Linux system connected to a VPN function?

Say if I have a Linux system that is connected to a VPN that also runs an Apache webserver. Can incoming traffic from the internet reach the listening Apache webserver on the Linux system connected to a VPN? Does the outbound traffic from the webserver get routed through the VPN ....

Jack Jack: 02 February 2022


msconfig not saving changes to startup items / Windows 7

Any changes I make in msconfig or Autoruns to remove items from startup seems to work without error in those two programs. However, after the reboot, the startup items I disabled are back again, starting just after login. ....

Claire Claire: 02 February 2022