Unix & Linux

Is there a variation of Linux or Unix that does not require open licensing?

In the future I may be building a system with an embedded operating system. Given the commercial properties of this system, it will make sense to have all of the internals as closed source as possible. I have seen in the past many router manufacturers being forced to release source ....

Carter Carter: 02 February 2022

Unix & Linux

Make STDIN executable with shebang

I have a program to list database files. It is called direkly from the shell like db filename to list the whole file, or like db 'filename :: conditions' to list only selected elements ... Another way is to call it with a file, wich contains all parameters. db < ....

Aiden Aiden: 02 February 2022

Unix & Linux

Executing mail command from inside a function causes a "fork bomb"

When I try to execute mail from inside a function in a bash script it creates something similar to a fork bomb. To clarify, this creates the issue: #!/bin/bash mail() { echo "Free of oxens" | mail -s "Do you want to play chicken with the void?" "example@example.org" } mail ....

Christian Christian: 02 February 2022

Unix & Linux

copying files with particular names to another folder

I have a folder with a lot of files. I want to copy all files which begin with of these names (separated by space): abc abd aer ab-x ate to another folder. How can I do that? ....

Logan Logan: 02 February 2022

Unix & Linux

Is there any way to verify the integrity of a xz archive without decompressing the entire archive?

Can I check the integrity of the archive without decompressing it as the archive is 64GB. It is a backup of my old laptop and before i format my old laptop I wanted to verify the backup but it will take too long to decompress and verify. So is there ....

Silas Silas: 02 February 2022

Unix & Linux

how to disable auto login in linux mint

I'm using linux mint with Cinnamon. The login screen comes to type a username but it also displays that in 10 seconds userx will be automatically logged in. And it happens. How to make it wait indefinitely? ....

Jeremiah Jeremiah: 02 February 2022

Unix & Linux

What are the precise relationships between the keys in a Multi-user SSH Installation?

In working through an SSH Configuration for User and Root accounts for accessing a group of VM's and Hardware servers, I have encountered situations that do not make a great deal of sense to me from the perspective of Public/Private key relationships. The recommended steps seem to be as follows: ....

Amara Amara: 02 February 2022

Unix & Linux

Run combined hexo command from desktop entry

I have Debian 9.5 with xfce and hexo: 3.7.1 The question is about throttle my script called "draft": s@lokal:~$ sudo cat /usr/local/bin/draft #!/bin/bash killall hexo cd /home/s/Dropbox/blog hexo clean pwd whoami hexo g --draft hexo server --draft & sleep 5 firefox 'http://localhost:4000/' s@lokal:~$ What I am trying to get across ....

James James: 02 February 2022

Unix & Linux

Make app open to default size with cinnamon desktop, on Linux Mint 19.1

I am using Linux Mint 19.1, with the Cinnamon desktop. I am wondering if there is a way to force an application to open the window to a specific size (specifically the nemo file manager). In Cinnamons Windows settings, I can specify where I want new windows to open by ....

Julian Julian: 02 February 2022

Unix & Linux

Rsync/Copy certain file extensions stripping folders

I have a bunch of folders with sub directories please see below Books -- Temp1.nfo -- Temp2.txt -- Temp3.doc Books 2 -- Temp4.nfo -- Temp5.txt -- Temp6.doc I want to copy the txt and doc file extensions and place them into one directory. An example Final --Temp2.txt --Temp3.doc --Temp5.txt --Temp6.doc ....

Greyson Greyson: 02 February 2022