Unix & Linux

How to parse a file to extract 3 digits numbers kept in a "group number"

I am writing a shell script to parse a text file that is extracted from a standardization pdf file. I would like for each test group (identified by Group 0, Group 1... to get the list of test numbers, such as 101, 102, 412... for group 0. I have tried ....

Theo Theo: 02 February 2022

Unix & Linux

How to convert the manpages of git and its subcommands into a pdf file?

There are two places that I can find manpages of git and its subcommands: https://git-scm.com/docs, and the links to all the git subcommands https://www.kernel.org/pub/software/scm/git/docs/git.html, and the links to all the git subcommands. Not sure if they are identical. Is there a feasible way to download and convert the manpages of ....

Natalie Natalie: 02 February 2022

Unix & Linux

Debian 10 connect to Wi-fi

I'm conscious that this questions is quite basic but being honest I've being researching these days and I couldn't find how to do it. I'm using Debian 10 Live and the only thing I really did was making it persistent. It's been quite frustrating since all that is stopping me ....

Easton Easton: 02 February 2022

Unix & Linux

Self hosted cloud storage

I'm looking for some software that would provide features like Dropbox. Will a simple webdav be enough for this use case? ....

Jayden Jayden: 02 February 2022

Unix & Linux

Precedence of ACLS when a user belongs to multiple groups

If a file has ACL entries for two groups, giving them different permissions, like this: group:admin:rw- group:staff:r-- what permissions does a user have if he belongs to both groups? Which entry takes precedence? Experiment seems to show that the most restrictive permissions apply. If so, what's the best way to ....

Riley Riley: 02 February 2022

Unix & Linux

How to pass multiple arguments to prompt in Linux command?

If Linux command has single prompt then we can handle it like following - echo "password" | sudo -S ls But startWebLogic.sh has two prompts, one for username and other for password to boot WebLogic server. I tried with following sh startWebLogic.sh << EOF > user > password > EOF ....

Ella Ella: 02 February 2022

Unix & Linux

Centos - executing a bash script from PHP

I have 3 scripts (I have removed the help_page function from the networkstats.sh script when I pasted here to save some space): api3.php <?php output = shell_exec('/bin/bash /usr/share/nginx/status/getnetworkstatsin.sh'); echo $output; ?> getnetworkstatsin.sh #!/bin/bash ssh -i /tmp/id_rsa1 root@centos7clone bash -s -- -I < ./networkstats.sh networkstats.sh #!/bin/bash interface=enp0s3 read -r inbytesold outbytesold ....

Alice Alice: 02 February 2022

Unix & Linux

copying files from many directories to one using rsync

Is it possible to copy files from various subdirectories to one single directory. For example I have a structure that looks like: + dir1 + file1.ext + file2.ext + dir2 + file3.ext + file4.ext + subdir +dontwanttocopy.ext Currently I am using the following command find "//mysourcepathdirectory/" -maxdepth 2 -type f ....

Amir Amir: 02 February 2022

Unix & Linux

How is the kernel loaded?

I am trying to understand the Linux boot process, and after reading quite some amount of documentation there is one point that I still can't seem to understand. So the basicis is BIOS -> Grub MBR -> Grub CONF -> Kernel ... with a grub conf that can look like ....

Everly Everly: 02 February 2022

Unix & Linux

Debian Audio Issue

So, the problem here is that my audio worked before this. Last night, I left my computer on. When I woke up, I tried to wake it from sleep, but it seemed it had crashed for some reason. I restarted my computer, and it worked fine, except the audio is ....

Muhammad Muhammad: 02 February 2022