Tor questions and answers


Tor and macOS Sierra

I am an irregular user of Tor but like to have it at hand and use it from time to time. Up until recently, I would update frequently and it all worked smoothly. However, today is the first time I try launching it after upgrading to macOS Sierra and I ....

Luke Luke: 02 February 2022


Where can i find the direct-users.csv metrics file?

It used to be here . I wanted to use it for a simulation I'm setting up, but I can't find it there nor elswhere. Does anybody know more about it? ....

Ariana Ariana: 01 February 2022


Tor hidden service not able to connect

I just installed tor on a fresh ubuntu box, I've configured the hidden services part of the torrc file as follows: HiddenServiceDir /var/lib/tor/hidden_service/ HiddenServicePort 90 I've got apache successfully running on port 90 and have verified it with a web browser. Now I've restarted tor by doing service tor ....

Ryan Ryan: 01 February 2022


Configure Tor to not Proxy localhost

I'm programmatically using Tor to hit web pages. I wanted to test some new functionality out on a local webpage, so I created and deployed one using Tomcat. Now when my program goes to hit localhost:8080/MyDir/somePage.html, it errors out, giving a SOCKS server general failure. I use Firefox as ....

Wyatt Wyatt: 01 February 2022


CloudFlare won't let in even though I solve the captcha correctly

Usually when I try to reach sites from Tails, it often get CloudFlare's captcha, and after solving it the sites work for about 10 minutes. But now it behaves like if the captcha is entered incorrectly each time. I've tried more than 20 times, on multiple sites. Is it something ....

Madelyn Madelyn: 01 February 2022


Is it dangerous to use Tails without persistent entry guards?

Being a LiveCD with no persistent storage by default, Tails currently does not use persistent Tor entry guards. In a recent post on the Tor blog (, arma discussed the possibility of "improving Tor's anonymity" by increasing entry-guard persistence. Is it dangerous to use Tails without persistent entry guards? From ....

Mason Mason: 01 February 2022


How may I run multiple Tor relay instances in a single Linux machine?

Suppose I have a Linux machine (for example Debian) with more than one public IPs, sufficient bandwidth, memory and CPU resources. How may I run more than one Tor relay instance in that single machine? Should there be different users that start every instance? How about the different torrc configuration ....

Jade Jade: 31 January 2022


How to tell my Tor Browser to use a certain relay as entry point?

I am running a Tor relay on a remote server that is hosted in a professional server farm about 1000 km away from my home. I am absolutely sure, that this Tor relay is secure because I am root on this server (which is a virtual root server), because I ....

Lillian Lillian: 31 January 2022


How to make a system like Whonix?

I know Whonix has a virtual machine that connects to the gateway which is like a router that sends everything into Tor. How could I make a gateway like that so I can connect a VM(like workstation) to it and it will send the traffic through Tor. Also how will ....

Carson Carson: 31 January 2022


Run Tor browser in the background?

If I was to run a tor service on a real server such as Ubuntu Server, is there a background mode to run tor in, or does the browser have to be open at all times? ....

Raelynn Raelynn: 31 January 2022