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Lightweight commandline or GUI tool for Windows to correct wrong EXIF rotation metadata

I've noticed many of the photos taken with my Canon IXUS point-and-shoot camera have out-of-synch EXIF rotation data. Photos I took holding the camera sideways or upsidedown look right in File Explorer and the Windows 10 Photos app, but come out wrong when I upload them to Google Deep Dream. ....

Rowan Rowan: 02 February 2022


App showing only direction and distance of goal

I used to have a GPS device that tells me the distance and direction (like a compass not showing north but to the goal) of a set of coordinates. It's broken so I can't use it for GeoCaching. Is there any app for iPhone that does just this? I don't ....

Greyson Greyson: 01 February 2022


Version control tool interoperable with other version control tools

We are starting to reevaluate version control software to be used at our company. We selected ClearCase about 15 years ago and Subversion six years ago, so we have some environments still with ClearCase VOBs using the ClearCase GUIs and more recent environments using Subversion repositories and some GUIs such ....

Avery Avery: 01 February 2022


Logging stack suggestion website

couple of months ago I came across a website that allowed the user to pick individual components of a logging solution and it showed which ones were compatible with each other. Also giving links to documentation of such components. Problem is, I can't remember the name of that site, and ....

Landon Landon: 01 February 2022


Need two mouse pointers on Windows 10

You know this concept from your car driving lessons: You have your steering wheel and your pedals and mirrors and the instructor has got his own set (in most countries minus the steering wheel). In our small-group training sessions, our students take turns and apply what they have learnt in ....

Anna Anna: 01 February 2022


Open-source business event logger/statistics tool which can integrate easily with Spring applications

I am looking for a tool to help me monitor and generate statistics on events happening in business applications. A simple example of this would be "A person does a lookup in a search bar" or "A client purchased product X". So I can use this information to generate information ....

Joshua Joshua: 01 February 2022


App to convert existing image files to vector graphics?

I have some rather large PNG files, and I'd like to convert them to vector images for future use. Is there an app that can do this? I'm thinking something like I have to specify what is what in the image - i.e. I say, "this is a gradient from ....

Oliver Oliver: 01 February 2022


Lossless, graphical audio/video file editor for Mac

I often find myself needing to make simple edits to media files on my Mac. Because this media is saved in lossy formats, I try to avoid re-encoding wherever possible. These edits include: Splitting a media file into smaller, separate clips. Combining multiple clips into one larger file. Removing a ....

Lucas Lucas: 01 February 2022


Java library for boolean minimization

I'm looking for a good library in Java that supports minimization of boolean expressions (for example with the Quine McCluskey algorithm ( EDIT (12.2018): the LogicNG project ( has implemented a QuineMcClusky algorithm ( now. ....

Anthony Anthony: 01 February 2022


A video editing app that has the option to blur or hide parts/areas (e.g. sensitive/personal data) of a video

I have to create a screen recorded video about "how to remotely wake up/startup computer then also remotely unlock the computer from logon screen using particular apps that remotely boots and controls the computer". I will use & show my own experience about remote controlling the computers as an example ....

Nova Nova: 01 February 2022