Not able to see scheduled tasks from windows 7

Since upgrading to windows 7 I am no longer able to see scheduled tasks on a remote computer accessed by a UNC path (ie: \\mymachinename). Any ideas why? ....

Samuel Samuel: 02 February 2022


AWS Glacier inventory is either wrong or asynchronous?

Using Boto3, I uploaded 12 files to Amazon's Glacier last night at 21:43 EST. I received ArchiveID's for all 12 files, so I assume they uploaded correctly. According the the AWS management console, the most recent inventory was run at 02:53 EST this morning. So about 5 hours after upload. ....

Mia Mia: 02 February 2022


setting the cookie header with the value of anouther header in an nginx reverse proxy

We are working with a piece of hardware(chromecast) that seems to be stripping out cookies, but will happily pass along a custom header (which we signal is acceptable from the back end) one workaround we came up to stuff the cookie data into said custom header and put it back ....

Asher Asher: 02 February 2022


Load Balancing in Amazon EC2 DNS,CNAME etc

I have a portal on amazon ec2. Which Many domains and also cname's point to this server elastic IP. Like,,, * now I want to take to behind load balancer. The main issue for me is when I take a request the content of portal is generated ....

Abigail Abigail: 02 February 2022


Unable to login to email server that I can telnet to?

I just finished following this tutorial ( on Digital Ocean for configuring a Dovecot, MySQL, and Postfix email server. I did not follow it to the end. (I didn't install Spam Assassin.) I also used a self-generated SSL temporarily. Other than that, I followed the tutorial to the letter. At ....

Xavier Xavier: 02 February 2022


CentOS configure ntpd to serve DST/localtime

I know that ntp uses UTC and the clients have to manage any DST and timezone differences on their own. The problem I have is that several noname ip cameras have a non-working DST implementation, and randomly add/subtract hours, resulting in almost always incorrect time. All of the cams allow ....

Gianna Gianna: 02 February 2022


Packet loss in IpSec/GRE tunnel

This is my setup: +--------------------+ +-------------------+ +--------------------+ | Router B a +-----+ Router+Firewall C | | b Router D | | ---------------------------------- | | +-----+ | | +--- more nets | | | +--+ | +----|---------------+ +-------------------+ +--------------------+ | | +----|---------------+ +----|---------------+ | | | | |Server A ....

Rowan Rowan: 02 February 2022


Nagios define service for nrpe command in Windows environment

I'm trying to configure Nagios to monitor our network which is all Windows based. I'm totally new to it, so please forgive my naiveness. Fact is: I'm banging my head over a task. What I want to achieve is having Nagios tell me whether a remote service/process is running or ....

Miles Miles: 02 February 2022


Script to open multiple gnome-terminals with individual telnet sessions

I'm just curious if this is possible. I'm working with dynagen/qemu rather frequently (CCIE training), and would love to be able to run script 'x' to open 10 windows for me, all telnet'd to predefined ports. IE: new gnome-terminal opens -> telnet localhost 2001 new gnome-terminal opens -> telnet localhost ....

Ayla Ayla: 02 February 2022


Is it possible to reset the password on a SuperMicro IPMI interface?

Is it possible to reset the password on a SuperMicro IPMI interface? My motherboard is model X8STI-F. ....

Ivy Ivy: 02 February 2022