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SFP GBIC and OS rating

I am confused about SFP transceiver choice, and compatibility with single mode fiber based on the fiber's OS rating ( My only question is, when choosing an SFP is it necessary to consider the OS rating of a single mode fiber? Or is it enough to know the cable length? ....

Aiden Aiden: 02 February 2022


sfp-25g-sr-s alternatives

I work at a media company and we have a room where we're essentially having a spine leaf topology implemented for our network. Now there's 4 spine switches and 6 leaf switches, the sfp we're using are the 25g-sr-s modules, but I've been told we can save money by having ....

Amara Amara: 02 February 2022


Cat.6 RJ45 pass through connector issues

I am planning to use Cat.6 RJ45 pass through connectors in an office network with around 70 LAN cables. I am worrying if the copper wire endings open in air will have any problems when humidity is high. The humidity in my region may be between 60% to 85%. Would ....

Serenity Serenity: 02 February 2022


Etherchannel physical port SPAN mirror

We have 4x1G Etherchannel on trunk and for troubleshooting i want to monitor one of its physical port. Can i monitor using SPAN port mirror and configure its physical port for source SPAN? Group: 99 ---------- Port-channels in the group: --------------------------- Port-channel: Po99 (Primary Aggregator) ------------ Age of the Port-channel ....

Eleanor Eleanor: 02 February 2022


Weather map and monitoring for network usage

What tools are able to provide an almost real time weather map of usage and average traffic per timeframe going over the different links? What are some ways or solutions to actively monitor my network and provide alerts on heavy network usage over a prolonged period? ....

Mason Mason: 01 February 2022


Impact of disabling ssl network extender on checkpoint

I have a broad question, that i'm hoping you can guys help out with. I have a checkpoint firewall, that has the option to use ssl network extender checked in UI under VPN clients. I've been asked by the upper management to un-check this option, but i'm not sure what ....

Ivy Ivy: 01 February 2022


What is the difference between layer-2 and layer-3 broadcasts? Please explain with an example

What is the difference between broadcast addresses ff.ff.ff.ff.ff.ff (Layer 2) and (Layer 3)? ....

Nova Nova: 01 February 2022


PPP CHAP Authentication password requirement

What is the requirement for CHAP authentication on a PPP interface? I thought both routers had to have the same password defined, such as below. r1> username r2 password demo r2> username r1 password demo However, in a packet tracer example the following config is specified. !!!! Script for R1 ....

Colton Colton: 01 February 2022


If youtube works on DASH then why not it stores different quality of video in different URLs?

So I was going through a book on Computer Networks by James Kurose and Keith Ross on page 627 line 16 under the topic HTTP streaming and DASH the authors have mentioned that With DASH each video version is stored in the HTTP server, each with a different URL. However ....

Gabriella Gabriella: 01 February 2022


L2TP over IPSEC with a LAN to LAN link

I'm looking to add security on a LAN to LAN link that we have in my network. This LAN to LAN link is used to extend vlans over 2 sites (local & remote). For now, the diagram is this one : I have to add the security features with 2 ....

Willow Willow: 01 February 2022