elementary OS

After rearraning displays, the mouse buttons stop working

I just installed eOS and tried to rearrange the screens. Once I rearrange the displays in the menu, so that my main display is to the right and not to the left, the mouse buttons stop working. I have two matching LG displays and also tried the LXRandR app, but ....

Gabriel Gabriel: 29 January 2022

elementary OS

Installing from an AMD onto Intel chip

I am just starting out with Elementary OS and Linux as a whole. I created a copy of Elementary OS yesterday on a desktop with an AMD APU. I plan to install it onto my old laptop with an Intel APU. Will downloading from my AMD powered desktop change the ....

Paisley Paisley: 29 January 2022

elementary OS

I've deleted Epiphany and I don't know how to get it back

I've tried finding it on Github or App Center however I didn't. Is there any way to reinstall Epiphany? ....

Leah Leah: 29 January 2022

elementary OS

DNS resolution to the local lan

I am new to eOS and really dig it. I noticed that my workstation (out of the box eOS) cannot resolve hosts on my lan. I have a small DNS Domain (lan.local) which I use to manage local machines like icemaker.lan.local I noticed that while my host can resolve Internet ....

Madison Madison: 29 January 2022

elementary OS

Cannot install wine and playonlinux

sudo apt-get install wine Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable distribution that some required packages have not yet been created or been ....

Charlie Charlie: 28 January 2022

elementary OS

Upgrade from Juno beta to final?

I've been using Juno Beta 2 and loving it. I just found that Juno final has been released. Since i have my laptop all set, i'd like to upgrade to final without losing anything. Is it possible? Does it upgrade automatically with simple updates, or do i have to clean ....

Mia Mia: 28 January 2022

elementary OS

How to fix drag and drop issue on elementary OS Freya?

After using Freya I have discovered there is an issue when dragging and dropping icons. After that, the icon combines with the mouse pointer and moves with it. I have found that this issue can be solved by going to the lock screen and logging in again. I'd like to ....

Maverick Maverick: 28 January 2022

elementary OS

Single finger trackpad dragging inconsistent

Since upgrading to Juno I've been having issues performing "drag" actions on the track pad. Examples include trying to drag windows, or dragging to select text on a webpage. Steps Click and hold down the track pad. Drag while maintaining the above. This should result in the window dragging, but ....

Beau Beau: 28 January 2022

elementary OS

GRUB: Is there a way to pre-determine which OS to boot to, before the reboot?

I imagine this doesn't have a workable solution yet, but would like to know if anyone has tried: On Mac systems, there's an app for dual boot, from MacOS to boot to Windows on the next reboot, and from Windows there's also an app to next time boot back to ....

Carter Carter: 28 January 2022

elementary OS

Trackpad and keyboard not working on Macbook 12-inch 2015

I've tried to install loki on a Macbook 12" 2015, but once the Install screen loads, neither trackpad or keyboard respond. I've managed to install it without problems on an external USB disk (using rEFInd) using a Macbook pro 15" 2014, in order to use it on both Macs, and ....

Ethan Ethan: 28 January 2022