elementary OS

Hide "Recent" bookmark

I'm a new user of this beautiful OS and was wondering if it is possible to hide the Recent bookmark, I've been searching on Google but could only find how to disable it which I already knew. Any advice? Many thanks. ....

Daniel Daniel: 30 January 2022

elementary OS

MacBook Pro 2014 and Loki external monitor issues

When I use and external monitor on a MacBook Pro 2014 model (HDMI), unlocking the laptop requires that I lift the lid to type the password in because it is the only screen out of the two that will ever show the desktop manager (login or wake screen). This goes ....

Adrian Adrian: 30 January 2022

elementary OS

No sound on PC, Hardware or Elementary?

Let's make it quick. I have bought myself an old Dell Optiplex 780 with the following specs: -Core 2 duo E7300 -4Gb Ram ddr2 To make it slightly "spicier"(playing on the league we're playing), I have thrown in the following components. -Samsung 850evo 250Gb (used) -Radeon HD4550 512mb ddr3 (display ....

Muhammad Muhammad: 30 January 2022

elementary OS

Video freezes when watching videos

When i watch videos on youtube using firefox or Epiphany the video freezes when i do nothing for a few minutes and i have to move the mouse so that the video continues it's a very annoying problem if you know the solution your answer is appreciated. I think this ....

Skylar Skylar: 30 January 2022

elementary OS

Error loading the system

After the some updates were installed, the top and bottom bar didn't appear. I decided to shutdown the computer to see if it was solved and then I get that error. I could manage to access the terminal but there's no internet connection and the visual interfaces don't load. ....

Audrey Audrey: 30 January 2022

elementary OS

Unable to mount or read SD card

having a lot of trouble mounting and reading an SD card in Elementary. I'm running the latest Elementary, all up to date, on a Lenovo Thinkpad T450s. I got a new SD card and plugged it in. Couldn't read because it was exFAT; no problem, I used the Disks app ....

David David: 30 January 2022

elementary OS

Key repeat does not work after last OS update

As the title says, keyboard repeat stopped working. I mean the behavior which causes repeating key presses when holding a button. For example holding the right arrow should move my cursor between words, but it does not. Holding an 'f' button does not type in 'fffffff' in any application at ....

Mason Mason: 29 January 2022

elementary OS

How do I create a toggle custom command shortcut to "show desktop" and "hide desktop"? Combine two shortcuts that view / hide desktop into one

Notice this guys reply here: https://elementaryos.stackexchange.com/a/401 - how do I compress / combine into a single shortcut? By using the wmctrl app, we can show / hide desktop in Elementary OS. How do I create a custom command shortcut that'll use same hotkey, to trigger both commands? wmctrl -k on ....

Grace Grace: 29 January 2022

elementary OS

Q: How to enable dock microphone by default when headphones with mic are plugged-in?

When I plug or unplug my JBL headphones with mic, the sound is being adjusted (for example, if I previously had the volume turned off when I unplug my headphones the volume becomes muted, and vice versa). For some reason, I'm not able to make the elementary OS Juno to ....

Quinn Quinn: 29 January 2022

elementary OS

Bluetooth stopped working - HERA

Bluetooth is dead. Yesterday it worked, today it's not. I checked common points like: systemctl restart bluetooth cat /etc/bluetooth/main.con ....AutoEnable=true rfkill ID TYPE DEVICE SOFT HARD 0 bluetooth hci0 unblocked unblocked MX-Master Mouse works on my other PC's/Distros. Any suggestions? Thanks ....

Luca Luca: 29 January 2022