Turn find my iPad off

My iPad is showing my old Apple id, so I am unable to sign out of iCloud or turn off "find my iPad" I need to sign out so that I can type in my new Apple id. The system is only allowing my to reset my password or find ....

Harper Harper: 01 February 2022


iPhone 4 - sound only comes out of one speaker

I have notices that sound only comes out of one speaker on the bottom of my phone. Is it playing in mono or is the other "speaker" actually a microphone? ....

Waylon Waylon: 01 February 2022


Connecting external display turns both screens black

I updated from 10.8.1 to 10.8.2 for my MacBook Pro Retina with my external 27" Thunderbolt display. When I connect to my Thunderbolt display both screens are black. I can only see my mouse pointer and sometimes little boxes of display. Any idea what's wrong? ....

Willow Willow: 01 February 2022


Best macOS for 13 inch MacBook Pro mid 2012

What is the best macOS for MacBook Pro 13 inch mid 2012. macOS Catalina is running very slow. ....

Noah Noah: 01 February 2022


What does 3x retina mean?

People have described the display in the iPhone 6 Plus as having "3x retina." ( My question is, What does 3x retina mean? ....

Daniel Daniel: 01 February 2022


How to backup data from one external drive to another (one-way)

I have a 5TB external disk (WD My Book), which I use as my main hard drive. It is always connected via USB to my Mac. I've just bought another 5TB external disk (Seagate backup plus portable), where I always would like to have a 1-1 copy of the whole ....

Christian Christian: 01 February 2022


Does Notational Velocity/nvALT securely sync with Simplenote?

I set nvALT to use a single database to store my notes. Using a database provides the benefit of encryption. I also sync my notes using Simplenote. I just noticed this warning at the bottom of the synchronization settings window: Note contents will be delivered in clear text. This came ....

Charlotte Charlotte: 01 February 2022


SSD for Mac Book Pro 2012 optical disc drive

I'm about to upgrade my MBP mid 2012 with two SSD drives instead of the stock HDD and optical disc drive. I read on different forums that the optical drive link with the motherboard is only SATA 2 and that this will eventually cause problems with a SATA 3 SSD. ....

Ezra Ezra: 01 February 2022


IMessage not activating and can't select number to receive

I got a new SIM card and now I message is not working. Firstly I could only select my e-mail address as the means of being reached and my number is not in bold and can't be ticked. Also when I turn I message activation off and back on again ....

Joshua Joshua: 01 February 2022


How do I create user accounts from the Terminal in Mac OS X 10.11?

I would like to be able to create new users in Mac OS X 10.11 remotely after ssh'ing into the machine. On Mountain Lion, these steps were listed ( Running dscl . -create /Users/joeadmin dscl . -create /Users/joeadmin UserShell /bin/bash dscl . -create /Users/joeadmin RealName "Joe Admin" dscl . -create ....

Natalia Natalia: 01 February 2022