Always show full URL in Safari address bar

From the screenshot: notice we only see "": Yes it is possible to see full path by actually selecting the URL: But I would like to see the full URL always - without that extra step. Is this possible? ....

Declan Declan: 02 February 2022


Are there personal finance applications offering both an iPhone and a mac version?

With the demise of Cha-ching, I find myself in need of an application for managing my expenses which I can use on both platforms. It should work in Europe, and maybe have a decent UI. ....

Addison Addison: 02 February 2022


Android emulator not starting up

Starting an avd from the AVD Manager (Nexus5 API22 on OSX Yosemite 10.10.5) Error trace: dyld: Library not loaded: /tmp/darwin-x86_64-clang-3.5/lib/libc++.1.dylib Referenced from: /usr/local/Cellar/android-sdk/24.4.1_1/tools/emulator Reason: image not found ....

Zoe Zoe: 02 February 2022


How can I prevent files emptied out of the Trash from accumulating in "purgeable space"?

I'm having the same problem as the person who asked this question ( I cleared a bunch of files out of my Trash and instead of getting free space on the volume, I got 30 gigs of "purgeable space". According to the accepted answer to that question, I can engage ....

Elias Elias: 02 February 2022


Sharing iCloud storage between family members

Is there a way to share iCloud storage between family members? I included my wife's iPhone into Family sharing, but I would like to have one storage bucket (20G) that would allow us both Apple ID accounts to backup more then default 5G per device. Is it possible? ....

Penelope Penelope: 02 February 2022


iPhone in Lost Mode Can I use same apple id on new phone

My iPhone was recently lost, I put it in lost mode via icloud and I know it was found by someone because I got the email from icloud saying it's been found as well as a last known location...but it has since not come online anymore. I have a new ....

Bella Bella: 02 February 2022


GMail and Outlook Attachment Not Showing in Mail after Upgrading to Mountain Lion

I used to see Word and PDF attachements with my GMail account in Mail. Recently I added my new Outlook account to Mail and found that attachments are missing. So I asked my friends to send attachments to my GMail account and they are also not showing up. All I ....

Mila Mila: 02 February 2022


Why my application icons wiggle when I press ALT key in Launchpad?

I tried Launchpad first time today and went through the common modifier keys & their combinations to see if some hidden options appear. When I pressed ⌥ ALT all the apps started wiggling. What does it mean? ....

Layla Layla: 02 February 2022


Spotlight search shortcuts to launch apps

I want to be able to open Spotlight and launch specific apps without touching my mouse or scroll down through lists with the arrow key. For example, I want to press Command + Spacebar (to open Spotlight), then press "ill" followed by Return/Enter to launch Adobe Illustrator. This works sometimes, ....

Emma Emma: 02 February 2022


How do I run a binary program without showing the gear icon?

I created a automator workflow, add a Run Shell Script part and put these lines in: /Users/xxx/Library/Android/sdk/tools/android avd I saved it as an app and it works. But I will always see a gear icon on the menu bar. I tried to put a & or nohup, if so the ....

Theodore Theodore: 02 February 2022