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Offline webreader for iPod Touch

Do you know of a good app for iPod touch that let's me quickly take a bunch of webpages offline that contain some articles I want to read later when I don't have an internet connection? It would be cool if it could also strip out the noise like ads, ....

Alexander Alexander: 02 February 2022


download iCloud photo to mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.3

My phone is iOS 8.3 and my computer is OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 (iPhoto doesn't works anymore, instead there is another application called Photos) I have 3.2G of photos are automatically saved in iCloud photo library, now I would like to download all those photos and release my iCloud space ....

Silas Silas: 02 February 2022


Protect data while laptop is at repair shop

I've got to give my computer (mid 2012 MBP, 15", running OSX 10.10) to a repair shop (not Apple store, but Apple authorised) for them to replace the battery. My concern is that someone at the repair shop could either access data on my drive or install something malicious. I've ....

Isabella Isabella: 02 February 2022


Should I have my MBP "take breaks" while working hard, or are its fans sufficient?

I want to transform some data by doing (from Terminal) a Python command that runs on a single core only and doing something I expect to be CPU bound once data is pulled from disk and is accessible at memory speed, not SSD speed. I'll be a bit surprised if ....

Dylan Dylan: 02 February 2022


MacOffice 2011 crashes on Mavericks

I know that this has been posted several times and each time it's a slightly different description. Neither one fits to the behaviour on my iMac (Mid 2011 / 32GB RAM) nor does any of the solutions solve it. But, long story short. Any app from Office 2011 for Mac ....

Olivia Olivia: 02 February 2022


How can I reinstall Mac OS 9 on a G3 PowerBook's original hard drive?

I have a PowerBook G3 from 2000 or so and would like to put Mac OS 9 on it for nostalgia reasons. There are games that simply don't perform well with SheepShaver (, plus networking with SheepShaver isn't reliable with Classic multiplayer games. The PowerBook doesn't have a CD-ROM, just ....

Hudson Hudson: 02 February 2022


Can I "hide" the keyboard on my iPhone 4 the way you can on the iPad?

When using my iPad to, for example, write an email, I have the option to press a button and hide the keyboard. This is useful for reviewing an email prior to sending it. Is there a similar feature with the iPhone? If anything, this would seem particularly useful on the ....

Riley Riley: 02 February 2022


El Capitan Mac: /usr/bin/login tries to run /bin/false

Just upgraded from Yosemite to El Capitan, and I started out with an Emacs problem: it wouldn't launch from the icon, complaining that it couldn't find /bin/false. I tracked this down to the fact was trying to run /usr/bin/login, the default for the "Terminal" app. I can switch ....

Sophie Sophie: 02 February 2022


Pages for iOS won't let me insert or replace pictures (images)

When i click on the "insert stuff" button, the window pops up with the tabs that let me pick pictures, shapes, tables, etc. If I select a table, shape, or anything but a picture, I can pick a specific one, and it appears in the doc, as it should. But ....

Anna Anna: 02 February 2022


use `pf` to allow TCP traffic on specific port (from specific subnet)

So, I've read various posts about how to use both the Application Firewall (apf or socketfilterfw) and the Packet Filter (pf) at the same time. I thought this would be straightfoward since I'm not a pf newbie, but perhaps there is something to be learned about pf, or if not, ....

Charlie Charlie: 02 February 2022