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How do I change the stock firmware in Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo to higher than 4.4 KitKat without rooting?

My Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo has Android Kitkat. Is there a way to upgrade (without rooting the phone) to a newer version? ....

Sophia Sophia: 02 February 2022


Which Samsung smartphone models support LTE and are not susceptible to "sudden death syndrome"?

Does anyone know which Samsung smartphone models support LTE and are not susceptible to "sudden death syndrome"? Thank you. ....

Aurora Aurora: 02 February 2022


Completely wiping all contents and storage in SmartQ T10 tablet. No Recovery, no CWM, no ADB

I wanna hard reset my SmartQ T10 so memory and internal storage become fully deleted, but my device does not have such option in Settings, nor there is ClockWorkMod Recovery released for it. I did try: - Restore firmware. - Boot pressing volume up, volume down and both (goes to ....

Austin Austin: 02 February 2022


Lenovo Vibe P1 randomly reboots after upgrading to Marshmallow

I use Lenovo Vibe P1 Series Phone. I got it upgraded to Marshmallow and ever since then it reboots each time I locks the screen. It's working perfectly when I'm using it. It was working perfectly when I had Lollipop. Please help me fix this problem. ....

Aaron Aaron: 02 February 2022


ADB/Fastboot not detecting Android stuck in bootloader

I tried to flash the most recent android pie update to my pixel 2 only for it to fail writing partitions even though I followed a recent guide to my best ability. Now, the phone is stuck in the bootloader with no way to boot into android or any way ....

Jade Jade: 02 February 2022


Android ignoring imported dictionary

I recently upgraded from Nexus 5 to Nexus 5x. I used the automatic process to move my data from the old device to the new, and everything went smoothly, except for the dictionary. I type in Hebrew (I'm Israeli) and I have a custom dictionary of hundreds of Hebrew words ....

Gabriel Gabriel: 02 February 2022


Send Navigation Audio to handset but music to bluetooth

I have a DROID 3 and use it both for navigation and listening to music in my car via Bluetooth (Ford with SYNC). In the BT profile for SYNC on my phone, I can turn off media output over Bluetooth and get navigation audio over the phone but still make ....

Nora Nora: 02 February 2022


How can I connect an Xperia X8 to an external monitor?

Is it possible to connect the Xperia X8 to external monitor? In other words, display the screen from the phone on the monitor? ....

Isaac Isaac: 02 February 2022


Wifi connection issues

Yesterday, we changed the service provider of the office wi-fi and since then, my Samsung Galaxy Tab3 (8.0) working with Android 4.2.2, has stopped recognising my office wi-fi. It is working well on other wi-fi connections. My cell, my laptop recognise the office wi-fi but its my Tab that refuses ....

Carson Carson: 01 February 2022


MTP not working under Android 6

I am running out of Ideas how to get MTP working again... I am simply not getting the dialog again on my android, asking me wether I want just charging, or MTP or Picture mode... Until most recently, it was easy: Use a USB cable, concect it to my Ubuntu ....

Leilani Leilani: 01 February 2022