Raspberry Pi

How can I disable the [Run...] main menu item in Raspbian Buster

I'm creating a build to be used by others in a company as a very simple remote dial-in tool to be used in emergencies. I'm basing this on Pis Version 3 and above running on Buster. The basic dial-in and setup I have working as I'd like, but I'd like ....

Aubrey Aubrey: 02 February 2022


Connecting NAS to raspberry Pi via proxy-arp

This might be a stupid question, but I just wanted to make sure I don't invest time into something that doesn't solve my problem eventually: My home network contains a router/WiFi access point, a NAS that holds some media and serves as a backup device and cloud server, and a ....

Avery Avery: 02 February 2022


How is incoming and outgoing traffic handled by a Linux system connected to a VPN function?

Say if I have a Linux system that is connected to a VPN that also runs an Apache webserver. Can incoming traffic from the internet reach the listening Apache webserver on the Linux system connected to a VPN? Does the outbound traffic from the webserver get routed through the VPN ....

Jack Jack: 02 February 2022


Has the support for the Python language been removed from the SDK?

Has the support for the Python language been removed from the SDK in Ubuntu 13.10? I can't find any tutorial for the Unity scope and for Python. ....

Declan Declan: 02 February 2022


msconfig not saving changes to startup items / Windows 7

Any changes I make in msconfig or Autoruns to remove items from startup seems to work without error in those two programs. However, after the reboot, the startup items I disabled are back again, starting just after login. ....

Claire Claire: 02 February 2022

Unix & Linux

How to add hostname as first line of a file

I have a file which has a few lines. one two three four five I need to add hostname of the server I'm working on as the first line of the file. For example if abcd555.india.com is the server, the output file should be like : abcd555.india.com one two three ....

Ruby Ruby: 02 February 2022


How to undo usermod -e?

I am using Ubuntu 18.04. I used the command usermod -e YYYY_MM_DD user Now, the user's account is expired. What command can I put in order to remove the expiration date on the user account? ....

Everleigh Everleigh: 02 February 2022


Main server fails and I want my backup server to take over

In a situation in which my primary server fails.I don't want my application to go down but the application to start fetching information form a backup server which is my Pc(Located someplace else) which has a backup pf the Data till the main server is fixed or up ! ....

Ariana Ariana: 02 February 2022


How to restart an exited Docker container as an interactive bash session using a container ID?

How do I restart an exited Docker container as an interactive bash session using its container ID? Suppose... sudo docker start -p 80:80 -t -i linode/lamp /bin/bash Gets me into a bash session. I did some stuff to the container and exited and now I need to go back into ....

Nathan Nathan: 02 February 2022


How to automatically add '&' after each command in a terminal

I use guake (http://guake.org/) as a sort of "run" command, because my lxde launcher often misbehaves. So I just enter the command line in guake followed by & (So I get back the control of the console). Is there a way to configure the terminal to automatically append & to ....

Ellie Ellie: 02 February 2022